3 Easy Things to Do To Create Spaciousness

Creating Mental Space:

Feeling overwhelmed is often caused by all the random thoughts rolling around in our heads. Small but nagging things on the to do list annoy the periphery of your thoughts. Big projects loom over everything else or get pushed like dark shadows following you around the room. There is a restlessness in your brain and it’s difficult to settle into any task.

The fast solution to all the mental crowding is a brain dump. Less directive than a to do list, it’s simply away to get all those thoughts rattling around in your brain a way to get out of your head and become concrete. I make a cup of tea, play some pleasant music, sit down at my table and write down all the things rattling around in my head. The list has no order, no sense, just what’s rooting around in my mind. I keep all the brain dumps in my bullet journal. When I’m ready to organize the list, I do and the process gives me clarity on what needs to get done now, what needs to get broken down and what can wait. The random thoughts get out of my head and it becomes much easier to focus.

Creating Spiritual Space:

One minute meditation. I used to think that one minute meditations were at best dumb, at worst, a waste of time, even if it’s only the waste of one minute. I’ve completely changed my mind because it’s surprising how much one minute of your eyes closed and either repeating a simple mantra, or yoga breathing like Nadi Shodana or quiet prayer can calm the soul. Meditation is like hitting a pause button on life– and it’s pretty easy to spare one minute to reset your spirit.

Creating Physical Space:

Clutter is the ultimate antithesis of spaciousness. When I feel particularly closed in, I find that tossing, recycling or putting away three things is often enough to create a sense of space and physical freedom. Sometimes there is a chain effect and my desk or a drawer or a whole room gets cleared, sometimes it’s just three things. I used to fear that I might miss what I’ve gotten rid of but that hasn’t happened yet. I’ve found the room that I create clearing clutter sparks creativity and a sense of positive expectation.