Things Happen…

To perfectionism

I’ve written ten blog posts since my last one. You didn’t read them because they’re all in my head, totally perfect. I meant to post weekly since I wrote that last post. But of course, life got in the way…an unexpected stay in Connecticut, a snowstorm, a sinus infection, another snowstorm…things that happen in life and my regularly scheduled life, unscheduled.

I’d like to think those reasons are why I didn’t post. Certainly, the lingering sinus infection and medicine head made it hard to concentrate, the body aches made it hard to roll out of bed much less roll into the gym…I could go on.

I think, though, when I look at it with honesty the real reason I never posted is a nasty case of perfectionism. Some of my fears: What if I post with a typo? What if my grammar is wrong? Worse yet, what if the content’s bad or I sound lame?

There’s always a risk to putting things out there and it always will seem safer to stay in bed. But the risk of keeping those ten perfect posts locked in my head, not taking the time– not giving myself the time– to sit, create and express myself? That’s worse. The only real antidote to perfectionism is to just do whatever it is, all imperfect, unedited, real…out there and done. That’s when things happen…to perfectionism.

Meanwhile, between my cold and the cold weather, I did spend a lot of time snuggled up. Here are a couple of items* I’m really enjoying lately.

The first is this super cozy jacket from Alo. It’s fuzzy, fleecy and warm. I got it in the the Rosewater color, an unusual choice for me– I normally would have bought the black or white option, but it’s neutral enough that it lightens all the dark colors I normally don. I bought it to wear on the cold mornings on my way to the gym, but when I step into some pale (dare I say millenial?) pink loafers, it looks great with jeans and a white t shirt to run errands.

Alo Fleece Jacket
Gym tops that are comfortable, sweat wicking and aren’t tight but still (somewhat, at least) attractive are a holy grail item for me. I came across this top and love how light and soft it is. It’s not a perfect gym top, but it’s flowiness feels good over high rise leggings. It does run big (size down) and I wouldn’t wear it to a class I’m doing lots of inversions but for a treadmill or Pilates day, it’s great.

Beyond Yoga Top


*I’m not sponsored, nor are these affiliate links, I’m just sharing what’s currently in rotation in my closet


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Linda is a NorCal MD who teaches yoga, rides horses, writes about Star Wars (and lots of other cool things) and loves style. Let the adventure begin!

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